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Radha Krishna Marble Statue

We at Artistic India manufacture and supply the best quality Radha Krishna idols. Our idols are made from highgrade marble and are intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans.

About Radha Krishna Statue

Radha Krishna is the two most beloved figures in Hinduism. Radha is a devoted devotee of Krishna and a symbol of divine love. Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme God in Hinduism. Together, Radha and Krishna represent the divine union of the soul with the Supreme Being.In Hinduism, Radha and Krishna are seen as the perfect couple, embodying the highest ideals of devotion and love. Their relationship is believed to be the spiritual foundation of love and understanding in the universe

Radha Krishna Statue Manufacturer & Exporter

We are “Vedic Indian Art” Manufacturer and Exporter of pure white Marble Radha Krishna, Iskon statues. We made finest quality, fine marble using carving techniques.     

Our collection is a mix of contemporary, classical, and modern Radha Krishna Sculptures. We love to see you smile when you pick up one of our pieces. Our Radha Krishna statue is a beautiful representation of the lord and his consort. It is made using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Our idols are made from highgrade marble and are intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans. They are available in different sizes and designs as per your preference. 

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Types Of Radha Krishna Statues


Radha Krishna Marble statue

This is a specific depiction of Lord Ganesha in a seated posture on a lotus flower. In this representation,


Yugal Pair

This form of Ganesha depicts him with his consort, Siddhi (symbolizing spiritual power), and Riddhi (symbolizing prosperity). It represents success, fulfillment, and auspiciousness.


Iskcon Radha Krishna

Known as Nritya Ganapati, this depiction shows Ganesha engaged in a lively dance. It represents joy, celebration, and the rhythm of life.


Radha Rani

In this design, Ganesha is portrayed in a seated posture with one leg folded and the other resting on the ground. This form signifies stability, peace, and tranquility.


Black Krishna

Also known as a Ganesha musical band, is a collection of traditional Indian musical instruments .


Cow Radha Krishna

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