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"Discover Timeless Beauty: Best Murti Maker in India

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Ganesha Marble Sta

Lord Ganesha Marble Statue, as we known is worshipped in every ritual or pooja of Hinduism.He is also referred to as ‘Vighnaharta’,

Marble Laxmi Statue, Laxmi Mata Murti, Lakshme maa, Goddess Laxmi Images, Laxmi Maa Statues, Mata Lakshmi

Laxmi Maa Marble Statue

Marble Laxmi Mata Statue is worshiped for her blessings, wealth, peace of mind, happiness and prosperity.

Saraswati Mata Statues, Saraswati maa, Gayatri Mata, God Idols, Maa Saraswati Murti, veena Saraswati

Sarswati Maa Marble Statue

Marble Sarswati Statue, Our Saraswati mata statue is a limited edition, and it has been created with a premium quality marble material.

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Radha Krishna Marble Statue

Radha Krishna Marble Statue, Radha and Krishna are the most important figures in Hinduism. Radha represents love, purity and devotion to Krishna.

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Dattatrey(Datta)Marble Statue

Dattatrey Marble Statue, dattatery statue is a unique product, we offer you the best quality by using some quality material.

Maa Dauga Statues, Durga Mata Murti, Durga Maa Images, Maa Durga Temple, Navdurga Statues, Durga mata Idols

Maa Durga Marble Statue

Maa Durga Marble Statue, We all know that Maa Durga is the form of Shakti in Hinduism, she is alos called Jagat Janani

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Hanuman Marble Statue

Lord Hanuman Marble Statue, Hanuman is one if the central character of hindu Ramayana. He is a devotee of Lord Ram vedic provides hanuman statue at best price

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Shree Nath ji Marble Statue

Marble Shree Nath Statue, Shree Nath Ji’s statues are the best way to help you express your devotion to god and they also have a special place in Indian homes.

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Human Bust Marble Statue

The Human Statue is available for hire for a wide variety of functions. We provide the finest statues of human and can work with you to design something that fits your needs.

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Adiyogi Shiva Marble Statue

Shiva Marble Statue, Shiv is the Hindu God of Destruction and Regeneration, but he is also known as the "Destroyer and Preserver".

Bhagwan Nityanand Swami , Nityannand Swami Ganeshpuri Images, Marble Bhagwan Nityanand Swami Statues, Baba Muktanand Swami , Ganeshpuri Nityanand Swami Images, Baba Nityanand ji

swami Nityanand Marble Statue

Nityanand Swami Statue, God Nityanand Swami is a Hindu saint, his samadhi is popularly known as Ganeshpuri Mai Samadhi Mandir

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Ram-Darbar Marble Statue

Marble Ram-Darbar Statues, Vedic is leading supplier of all handicraft items varior designs available in Marble Ram Darbar statues

"Discover the Perfect Marble Statue to Captivate Your Space"

Our Statues are pieces of artwork that have been making around for centuries. They can tell a story or showcase the amazing craftsmanship of an artist. When you purchase a White Marble statue, you are choosing a piece of artwork that will be cherished for years to come. Our shop features a wide selection of Marble sculptures, God idols, and other handcrafted home decor items. Vedic makes each item according to your customer’s specifications. We make very beautiful God Statues as per the customer’s requirement, we make idols of whatever size the customer wants. We make statues of any size.

 we are a Supplier of fine quality marble idols and sculptures. We are craftsmen, quality is not just a word to us, it’s an essence of the product we create. vedic is the Best murti maker in Jaipur, India

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Vedic Indian Art is the leading designer and exporter of high-quality marble handicraft statues from India. We are the Best marble Murti manufacturer of all types of marble statues including Marble Hindu God Statues, Goddesses, Temples, Animal statues, Roman Figures, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Hindu gods, Jain Murti, God Idols, Statue of Human,  Statue of Person, Vedic Handicrafts ,  Sculptures Maker, etc. 

We have a wide range and we create new designs as per customers’ requests. Our products are popular for their fine finish, superb craftsmanship, and reasonable price. Vedic Indian Art is India’s largest Hub of authentic Indian marble statues. Moreover, quality and integrity are our most prioritized attributes to ensure client satisfaction beyond expectations. we are Marble Statue Supplier in Jaipur.

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Buy Marbles Statues at Wholesale Prices, a marble Idol cost is the best statue price. our quality is very high and our services are very good and trustworthy. We have carved some beautiful statues of gods, goddesses and all they can be natural stone Statues or White Marble, Black Marble.

Our organization is completely customers oriented, we try our best to match with customers’ needs. We are the Jaipur (Rajasthan) based handicraft hub dealing in the export of all kind of God idols. Our shop features a wide selection of sculptures, idols, and other handcraft items from India. We craft each item according to your custom specifications.

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We carve your dream idol into reality. We offer you  world-class marble sculptures. we make all the sculptures ourselves.

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