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About Vedic Indian Art

Welcome to the Vedic Indian Art

Vedic Indian Art is the leading Manufacturer and exporter of high-quality marble handicraft Brass statues and Wooden Statues from India. We are the Best marble Murti manufacturer of all types of marble statues including Marble Hindu God Statues, Goddesses, Temples, Animal statues, Roman Figures, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Hindu gods, Jain Murti, God Idols, Statue of Human,  Statue of Person, Vedic Handicrafts ,  Sculptures Maker, etc. 

We have a wide range and we create new designs as per customers' requests. Our products are popular for their fine finish, superb craftsmanship, and reasonable price. Vedic Indian Art is India's largest Hub of authentic Indian marble statues. Moreover, quality and integrity are our most prioritized attributes to ensure client satisfaction beyond expectations. we are Marble Statue Supplier in Jaipur.

Expert in Human Statues and Busts

At Vedic Indian Art we offer all kind of Human Statue Made of fine quality white Makrana Marble. Our wide range of Human statues includes – Marble Human Statue in sitting position, Marble human statue of Guruji/ baba in sitting style, Swami Vivekanand Statue in pure white marble, Human Bust Statue in fibre or resin, Customized human statue in marble, Personalized and realistic human statue, Marble statue of Police Men and Custom officerHuman sculpture of old lady, Bust of Marble female statue, Marble bust statue of women, Statue of Bhagwan Nityanand Swami GaneshpuriStatue of Bhagwan Muktananda SwamiMarble human statue in half size, Marble Statue Chandra Shekhar Ajad, Marble statue of Sir Rabindranath Tagore, Marble Statue of Swami Vivekananda in standing position, Marble Sculpture of Bapu Mahatma Gandhi, Half Bust Statue Soldier, Marble Human Standing Statue, Marble Young Man Standing Moorti, Marble Human Standing Sculpture.

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Purchase the Finest Quality of Marble Statue

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Lotus Ganesha Marble Statue

Ganesha is worshipped in every ritual or pooja of Hinduism.He is also referred to as ‘Vighnaharta’,

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Maa Laxmi Marble Statue

Maa Laxmi is worshiped for her blessings, wealth, peace of mind, happiness and prosperity.

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Maa Saraswati Marble Statue

Our Saraswati mata statue is a limited edition, and it has been created with a premium quality marble material.

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Ram Darbar Marble Statue

We Provide the finest quality of Ram Darbar Marble Statue. 

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Radha Krishna Marble Statue

Radha represents love, purity and devotion to Krishna.

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Hanuman Marble Statue

He is a devotee of Lord Ram, vedic indian art provides hanuman statue at best price.

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Dattatreya Marble Statue

Each Dattatreya Statue is meticulously crafted to embody his divine essence as the God of wisdom, learning, and knowledge.

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Shiva Parivar Marble Statue

Shiv is the Hindu God of Destruction and Regeneration, but he is also known as the "Destroyer and Preserver".

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Maa Durga Marble Statue

We all know that Maa Durga is the form of Shakti in Hinduism, she is alos called Jagat Janani

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Human Marble Statue

Human Statue come with an experience artist who will impress your audience and guests at an event.

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Sree Nath Ji Marble Statue

We offer an exclusive collection of Shrinath Ji Marble Statue, intricately crafted in various themes and positions

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Swami Nityanand Marble Statue

We use the finest quality of marble to make Swami Nityanand Statue, which makes them extremely high in demand.

Unveiling the Masterpieces: Explore our Exquisite Marble Statues at Vedic Indian Art!

Vedic Indian Art is the leading designer and exporter of high-quality marble handicraft statues from India. Moreover, quality and integrity are our most prioritized attributes to ensure client satisfaction beyond expectations.

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Turning the Marble into Something Amazing !

We have a wide range and we create new designs as per customers’ requests. Our products are popular for their fine finish, superb craftsmanship, and reasonable price.

Professional Crafter

Our Workers are Highly qualified they turned the marble into something amazing that looks really nice.

Worldwide Shipping

We Deliver our Products All around the World.


We Customise the marble Statues According to your Needs

"Discover the Perfect Marble Statue to Captivate Your Space"

 We are a Supplier of fine quality marble idols and sculptures. We are craftsmen, quality is not just a word to us, it's an essence of the product we create. vedic is the Best murti maker in Jaipur, India

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On Time Delivery

Welcome to the land of Art World

Our Statues are pieces of artwork that have been making around for centuries. They can tell a story or showcase the amazing craftsmanship of an artist. When you purchase a White Marble statue, you are choosing a piece of artwork that will be cherished for years to come. Our shop features a wide selection of Marble sculpturesGod idols, and other handcrafted home decor items. Vedic makes each item according to your customer’s specifications. We make very beautiful God Statues as per the customer’s requirement, we make idols of whatever size the customer wants. We make statues of any size.


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We carve your dream idol into reality. We offer you  world-class marble sculptures. we make all the sculptures ourselves.

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