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Ganesha Marble Statue

Each marble Ganesha Murti is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans, who pour their passion and devotion into every creation.

About Ganesha Statue

Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka, Ekadanta, Vighnaharta, or Lambodhara is one of the most beloved and widely worshipped deities in Hinduism. He is easily recognizable with his elephant head and the human body, often depicted with a rotund belly and multiple arms. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before the beginning of any new venture or auspicious occasion to seek his blessings and remove any obstacles that may come the way. he sacrificed of his trunk to use a writing instrument for the epic Mahabharata.

Ganesha Marble Statue Manufacturer & Exporter

That’s wonderful to hear that we specialize in creating mesmerizing artifacts, specifically marble Ganesha statues If you are looking for a high-quality  Ganesh Marble  Murti, Vedic Indian Art is a great manufacturer and Exporter to consider. We offer a wide range of Ganesha Idols in various sizes, including customized sizes. we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Marble Ganpati statue  in various sizes, including customized sizes. Each statue is meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by experienced artisans and craftsmen, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. Our statues are made from the finest marble available, ensuring that they are not only visually stunning but also long-lasting, durable, and able to withstand the test of time.

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Types Of Ganesha Statue

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Lotus Ganesha

This is a specific depiction of Lord Ganesha in a seated posture on a lotus flower. In this representation, Ganesha is shown sitting cross-legged or in a meditative position.

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Sidhi Vinayak Ganesha

This form of Ganesha depicts him with his consort, Siddhi (symbolizing spiritual power), and Riddhi (symbolizing prosperity). It represents success, fulfillment, and auspiciousness.

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Dancing Ganesha

Known as Nritya Ganapati, this depiction shows Ganesha engaged in a lively dance. It represents joy, celebration, and the rhythm of life.

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Sitting Ganesha

In this design, Ganesha is portrayed in a seated posture with one leg folded and the other resting on the ground. This form signifies stability, peace, and tranquility.

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Musical Ganesha

Also known as a Ganesha musical band, is a collection of traditional Indian musical instruments that are played together to create melodious tunes in honor of Lord Ganesha.

ridhi sidhi ganesha

Ridhi Sidhi Ganesha

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